Cabinet tops:

Being in direct contact with the food we consume, cabinet tops are considered the most important component of the house we live in which should be chemical substance free. Chemicals might bear carcinogenic elements which natural wood is devoid of them.

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What is a Fingerjoint Cabinet Tops?

We recommend natural wood finger joint cabinet tops, because they are free of any harmful chemical materials. You can serve your foods and edibles to your loved ones with confidence that no chemicals are in contact with your food.

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Advantages of wood cabinet tops:

For various designs, cabinet tops come with different widths and dimensions. An advantage of finger joint panels is that they also come with different dimensions tailored to your need. You just have to specify your preferred dimensions in your order.

Moreover, edging tools are conveniently applied to our panels. On top of that, long lasting durability and colour re-application enables you to have a brand new kitchen all the time.

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Which types of wood are the most suitable for cabinet?

We have to take 2 points into consideration because cabinet wood is constantly under abrasion:

Appropriate wood:

Beech and walnut woods, due to their high density, can react properly to abrasion and impact.

Appropriate surface colouring:

By appropriate surface colour we mean the colour type which is water proof as well as abrasion resistant.

The best method of making finger joint cabinets is to first install the panels, and measure the kitchen components such as stove and sink etc. Then colour the panels after cutting them to the exact measures.

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Cabinet tops types:

  • All wood, tops plates, tops
  • Natural stone plates
  • Korin plates of artificial stone
  • Plates with MDF core and HPL veneer
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